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We are glad to welcome you to ecnstpfx.com, a sort of ECN magazine for Forex traders, created purposefully for building awareness of ECN/STP technology. Certain of its efficiency and excellent performance, our aim is to disseminate information on the advantages associated with the application of this technology in the Forex market.

Extensive analytical work combined with trading experience supports our opinion that the ECN/STP environment fits seamlessly into Forex trading. By providing the most transparent and convenient conditions for trading, the ECN model has become the key choice for professionals in Forex.

Today’s ECN technology holds a leading position in the Forex industry but it still has the potential for development and thus keep pace with this dynamic environment and any new demands of the Forex community associated with these changes.

It is our wish to share this accumulated knowledge of ECN/STP specifics to help you maximise your trading activity in the ECN environment. We do not seek to persuade you or influence your opinion of the ECN/STP technology however, its functionality determines that it is one of the more superior products introduced to the Forex market in the recent years.    

The information on ECN/STP technology, presented here, is provided by FXOpen who successfully introduced the MT4 ECN trading platform to the market in 2009. For this innovation the broker received the Falcon Award for the Global FX Broker 2010 and the Most Popular Product Award at the 9th Shanghai Money Fair in 2011. The company’s quality service brought new rewards to FXOpen who were then awarded Best ECN Forex Broker 2011.

We hope you will find the information at EcnStpFx.com useful and you will ascertain your own impressions of ECN trading. This information may be regarded as background for future trading activity however, it should not be viewed as investment advice. For legal assistance you should refer to the Terms of Business at FXOpen.com or seek independent advice.

For our part, we strive to provide you with the best service possible at EcnStpFx.com. We appreciate your loyalty.