Scalping is a popular trading strategy based on profiting from the quick opening and closing of positions within an almost immediate timespan thus potentially generating profits, which if combined, may total sizable gains. It requires intensive trading, high concentration, quick reactions and the constant monitoring of all your positions and adjusting your actions every time the market moves against you. Scalping is time consuming and therefore may not suit those seeking additional income.    

In the Market Maker model you cannot scalp without restrictions, while ECN trading sets no limits to this strategy. You may have your position open within seconds and set a SL, TP and Stop and Limit orders any distance away from the current price, including within the spread. Most importantly is that the ECN gives access to the Liquidity of most known LPs and major banks that may positively aid your trading strategies. You may also use automated trading systems coupled with your scalping techniques to potentially multiply your odds of success. Having designed your own Expert Advisor, you will be able to avoid more routine operations and focus on the analytical aspects of trading.    

Scalping can also be used as a supplementary strategy.