eWallet in ECN trading

The eWallet option is offered to Forex traders as a first step into their trading activity. After registration with a broker you will receive credentials for an eWallet that is in fact, an account performing a number of important functions.

First of all, eWallet gives you access to your personal back-office area where you can collect and store information about your profile. You can also open trading accounts here and monitor their status and activity. Above all, you can find such useful trading tools as SWAP and ECN commission calculators, if provided by your broker.

Most importantly however, is that eWallet helps you to manage and control your funds. You can use eWallet to transact, but not to trade on the MT4 ECN platform. Any time you want to carry out any financial operation (make a transfer/deposit/withdrawal of funds), you can use your personal eWallet.

The eWallet registration procedure also varies greatly. FXOpen offers the following steps to open an eWallet:

  • Click Open a Live Account on the FXOpen home page.
  • Choose the account type depending on the type of owner.
  • Provide the required information in the Account Opening Forms.

Your new FXOpen eWallet credentials will be provided to you after your successful completion of the registration process. Your account details will also be sent to your e-mail. To use the newly registered eWallet you will need to verify it.