Blessing EA

Blessing is a popular Expert Advisor using 5 indicators: Stoch, MACD, Bollinger, CCI, and Moving Average. The EA settings enable a trader to check or uncheck any indicator. The default is on the Moving Average indicator.

The Blessing EA is recommended for use on EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY and EURCHF currency pairs. The EA avoids deep drawdowns, due to a calculated system of estimating indicators’ signals. Its best performance is shown during H1 intervals, although it may be adjusted to any time frame.

Main Features Of The Blessing EA:

  • Multiple Entry Control Features
  • Emergency Close All Feature
  • Order Management/Checking Conditions
  • Holiday Shut Down Feature
  • Exit trades early feature
  • Portion control feature
  • Profit Trailing Stop Feature for extra profit
  • Close old trades feature
  • Manual or automatic money management features
  • Take Profit Trader
  • Draw down reducer
  • Stealth TP trader – no TP sent to broker
  • Stealth SL feature – no SL sent to broker
  • Recoup broker commission and swap function
  • Email Management
  • Shutdown feature
  • Hedging capabilities
  • Power Out Stop Loss Features
  • Equity Stop Loss Protection
  • Stop Trade Balance Protection
  • BUY/SELL trade entries or STOP/LIMIT trade entries
  • etc.