OCTL2 Plugin

One Click Trading Level2 Plugin (OCTL2) is a special tool developed on the basis of the Level2 application to monitor the current market situation and promptly react to its changes by adjusting the order management process.

The operation of the OCTL2 plugin is associated with greater accuracy and higher speed of order execution. One click is enough to capture the best price and make a trade.

The instrument consists of two components:

  • A visual component for Depth of Market indication as well as for a quick and accurate order placement;
  • Expert Advisor to start up the plugin.
  • Set of mql files with the API to access the Depth of Market (OCTL2 Level2) including a sample adviser and indicator implementing on-chart Level2 histogram (FdkLevel2.mq*, FdkLevel2Histogram.mq4 in MetaTrader4\Experts) and a sample indicator implementing on-chart Level2 histogram (FdkLevel2Histogram.mq4 in MetaTrader4\Experts\Indicators).

The OCTL2 is divided into 4 sections:

  • The main section with the plugin tab and connection Demo/Live tabs;
  • Market depth (Level2) section;
  • Pending orders section;
  • Balance line.

Each section is responsible for the execution of a certain functional parameters. The tool can be customised and is convenient to use.

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