ECN Commission Сalculation

Generally, an ECN trader is charged a commission for opening/closing a position. The size of the commission is set by the broker and is largely variable. It can be both half-turn and round-turn and its size depends on a client’s trading volume as well as the base currency exchange rate. Half-turn commission is charged after the opening of a trade, while the round-turn commission includes the charge for both the opening and closing of a position. FXOpen offers the following levels:

  1. Commission for ECN accounts with Net deposit of up to $50,000;
  2. Commission for ECN accounts with Net deposit of more than $50,000,

Where Net deposit stands for the sum of all deposits excluding all withdrawals in base currency (USD is taken as the base currency).

In the first case, the half-turn commission amounts to 0.0025% from the transaction volume, while in the second case - 0.0018% from the transaction volume.

Thus, the round-turn ECN commission for 1 lot of a trading volume (100 000 base currency) is calculated as follows:

100,000 * 0.0025% * 2=5 units of the base currency - the case (a);

100,000 * 0.0018 * 2=3.6 units of the base currency - the case (b).

You can follow the detailed procedure of commission calculation yourselves. There exist respective formulae to calculate commission for gold and silver, crosses, currency pairs with USD as quote and base currency. The step-by-step description of this process is presented by FXOpen team.  

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How to Calculate ECN Commission

To save your time and efforts, some brokers, including FXOpen, offer an automated service to calculate ECN commission. It is available online and provides a simplified way to carry out this procedure.

See FXOpen ECN Commission Calculator                                

ECN Commission Calculator is easy to use. You just need to enter the required parameters of your trade and press the Recalculate button. The system will complete the full cycle of calculation and provide you with the results for long and short positions.

Keep in mind that ECN accounts, opened through a franchise, IB or an affiliate, may have different commission parameters.

To see the details of calculation, you just need to click a specified currency pair from the list of available trading tools.

The use of this mechanism expands trading opportunities and gives the edge other factors being equal.