Expert Advisors

Algorithmic or “algo” trading is a standalone strategy based on the application of mathematical algorithms to aid decisions in ECN trading. These algorithms are fully packaged and are specifically designed to identify the optimum trading conditions (time and price) for a position to be placed.

Algo trading may be implemented by using Expert Advisors (“EAs”), being advanced automated trading systems the use of which facilitates the trading process and compliments human factors such as knowledge level, emotional and psychological state, stress-resistance and the ability to manage multiple tasks. EAs may eliminate the negative effect of these factors on trading activity and also tackle routine operations thus enabling a trader to concentrate on research and analysis. 

EA strategy is designed to achieve the low latency execution of trades. To enhance Forex trading efficiency, EAs may also be integrated into news trading i.e., real time news feeds can correlate with automated trading tools resulting in maximised performance and potentially more sizable profit.      

Many algo traders strive to create their own trading infrastructure and design personal EAs, including the collation and storage of market data, visualisation and logging of numerous trading parameters, back testing etc…however, at present there is a wide choice of robots available for traders in the Forex market e.g., EU Euronis, should you not wish to follow this route.