Ilan EA

Ilan is an Expert Advisor that makes it possible to trade in both directions i.e., opening Buy and Sell orders simultaneously. The EA configurations are simple and easy, but allow regulation of the key parameters of trading. Its system is uniquely flexible and operates with little intervention from the trader. The usage of this EA eliminates the well-known "human factor." The system works around the clock, bringing stable profits even to a beginner in Forex.

EA Settings:

  • Magic Number to identify trades;
  • Trade Direction to go long or short or in both directions;
  • Pip Step and Take Profit suitable for 4 and 5-decimel prices;
  • Start Lot and Lot Exponent to adjust to various deposit sizes;
  • Max Trades to restrict the number of trades possible;
  • Stop Loss of the last trade (Last Stop Loss) to manage risks.

A few Ilan EAs can operate in one and the same account without interfering in each other’s work. Ilan can be disconnected or launched with open positions – it won’t hamper the trading process in any way. The Expert Advisor keeps on functioning, along with trading in manual mode.

There is a special regime – Close and Stop Now – for the liquidation of all open positions. After its activation, Ilan closes all the trades, and won’t operate again until being triggered by the user. However Ilan will not affect the positions opened manually, or by other Expert Advisors.   

The performance of the Ilan EA is impressive. Monthly profits can exceed 100% where the EA is used properly.