Trading Terms

Without fully understanding the risks and influenced by the misconception that speculating on the Forex market is the route to instant riches, some traders new to the environment often neglect the basic, key elements required to succeed in this complex environment e.g., leverage, minimum deposit and the maximum balance, transaction sizes and continued margin support all have the potential for negating what could possibly be a sizable profit and are fundamentals which must not be ignored.

It would be difficult to find identical trading terms offered by different ECN brokers, as the ECN environment dictates its own specific rules of interaction distinguishing this system from others. Being fully conversant with the broker’s trading terms may insure you against a number of negative elements such as an unexpected Stop out caused by neglecting the Margin Call option triggered to protect your trading position from severe losses.

The above facts indicate the importance of in-depth analysis of trading conditions provided by different brokerage companies. The information given below is based on the trading terms established by FXOpen who have extensive experience and knowledge of ECN brokerage.