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Min deposit required

I’m looking for an account with the minimum amount deposit possible for ECN. I’ve found a broker with $500 min deposit, but I wonder if somebody knows where to open an account with less than $500. Please, assist.

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You can check FXOpen STP accounts http://help.fxopen.com/KnowledgeBase/Default.aspx?Page=STP%20account&Culture=en

The key feature distinguishing this type of account from ECN/STP is that commission paid to the broker is included in the difference between the Best BID and the Best ASK prices i.e., spread. It is not the only distinction however, since each order goes to the market for execution, all clients could benefit by utilising the liquidity available.

In other words, you have access to interbank liquidity (FXOpen ECN) and have min deposit requirement of $100 at the same time.

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